Friday, July 10, 2020

Uncertain Times

Uncertain Times

I learned a new word this week. It is a very appropriate word for these days in which we find ourselves. The word is liminal. It describes a type of space we pass through during certain phases of life. For example, one that all of us can identify with is puberty. It is a time when our bodies go through changes that we do not fully understand. We are "in between" being a child and an adult.

Another example of this is the wedding ceremony. The participants in the wedding go into the ceremony as individuals and they leave the ceremony as a couple, two become one. During the ceremony their status is somewhat ambiguous. Until the pronouncement is made, "Man and wife," they stand simply betrothed.

Liminal spaces are normally avoided because of the uncertainty that exists there. I wrote a book last year where I described these times as "wilderness." I like liminal because it is much more descriptive. When we become Christians we enter a liminal space. Before we were lost, separated from God. Eventually we will see Him face to face. In between those two is our ambassadorship, a liminal space, where we are citizens of Heaven, yet here on earth proclaiming the Good News of Jesus.

2020 has been wrought with major changes in every aspect of our existence. The onset of a virus that cannot be seen, but clearly is noticed if you come in contact with it. Our world is in a liminal place. We don't know exactly how things will end. Until then we adapt, we persevere, and we continue living. But for Christians we have an opportunity to be salt and light like never before. For us, this is just another facet of the liminal space we already experience. We can offer hope to others who do not have a Firm Foundation in Jesus Christ.

Do not allow "social distancing" to keep us from having spiritual encounters with those around us. Be creative. Find a way. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct you to give a "word in due season" to someone who may be suffering beyond our comprehension, but is hidden by a mask, not made of cloth, but one of a smiling face to hide their pain or shame. Speak the truth about Jesus and His love for us. It could literally save someone's life.



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