Friday, September 15, 2017

Psalm 1 – a poem

Psalm 1 – a poem

Where can I find a place to call home?
My feet always wanting to roam
Down a path that takes me to strange places.

Who can I look to for peace, for hope?
My mind always tugging the rope
Pulled on by people with plans of their own

The only hope of home I can find
My heart holds to One of a kind
He leads me to where the fresh water flows

The good, the bad, I don’t know which one
Both vie for their place in the sun
I must choose to die so that He may live

Buried in the rich soil of His grace
I find there is no better place
For I live as one dead to my own will

Though dead, still living by Grace alone
So His fruit can be born in me
More alive after dying than ever

By Dudley M. Harris

© 2017 Kurios Publishing